Meet Ali

Hi Y’all Welcome to Brunette & Bubbly!!

My name is Ali Truluck, The creator of Brunette & Bubbly!

SO, a little about me, I am a curvy Italian girl raised in the heart of Central Florida in a little town called Ocala, which is also known around the world as horse country. This is where I call home and it’s the place giving me my southern roots! You can usually find us, enjoying the company of friends and family or the closest body of water, soaking in the sun with a drink in hand.

I am surrounded by beautiful orange groves, lakes that have created some of my favorite memories and beaches where you can get the best tan and see the most beautiful sunsets! I am married to my best friend Reese, Little fun fact about the hubs and me, we have known each other forever since our middle school days in the Villages. He would pick on me like crazy and it would drive me nuts! Little did I know, he had a crush. We definitely never saw “Us” becoming a thing, but clearly God had other plans and now we can’t live without each other. While we don’t have kids just yet we do have one fur-baby who we adopted that goes by the name of Buddy (amongst all the cutesy little pet names we gave him).

I’ve created my blog to share with you my love for the beauty and fashion world, my personal lifestyle here in FL. From recipes handed down to me from generations to my style, and home decor. I am so excited to share with you all the things I love and enjoy! If you’re looking to connect  send an email to